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Googe’s Non-profit Ad Grant Policy

Ad Grants Policy Compliance Guide We launched updated Ad Grants policies in January, 2018 to provide more guidance on running a high quality account. Follow these recommendations to comply. The instructions below are based on the new Google Ads experience....

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Storytelling Principles to Improve Your UX

Crafting a good experience is like telling a good story Stories are core to various activities, tools and methods applied in UX. Stories are how we remember. We tend to forget bullet points (Robert McKee on HBR). Bullet points make as little of a good...

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How and When to Use the H1 Tag on Your WordPress Website

If you’ve ever done any research on search engine optimization, you’ve probably come across mentions of the H1 tag. But what is the H1 tag, where does it show up, and how should you actually use it to make your site better? In this post, I’ll get into some...

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Weedmaps Image Sizing

Recommended Image Resolutions on Weedmaps: Avatar (Business Logo): 400px X 400px (square format) Menu Item Images: 1​600px X 900px (rectangular format) Photo Gallery Images: 1​600px X 900px (rectangular format) Deal Gallery Images: 1​600px X 900px...

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Why you should be using programmatic native ads

Contributor Grace Kaye extols the benefits of programmatic native advertising and walks you through how to deploy a successful campaign. Native ads have so much potential that I don’t believe is being explored enough today. True, they may not seem all that...

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Local SEO Myths Debunked

Local SEO should be the first priority for local business owners looking to boost their marketing efforts. The success of your business depends on it. When you’re not an expert at local search engine optimization, you’ll find many inconsistencies in the...

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