Bartenders Responsibilities

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Bartenders Responsibilities

All Bartenders

Replenish straws and napkins
Stock beer cooler
Stock liquor shelves
Make sure tea is made
Wipe down the bar and clean ashtrays
Bring empty kegs out of the walk-in
Note empty bottles on the list

Day time Bartenders

Replenish fruit trays
Fill ice bins
Change out water in sinks
Take empty bottles and boxes to the recycle bin

Nighttime Bartenders

Put tea in walk-in
Clean all tables, place chairs and stools where they belong
Drain and wipe down sinks
Bum ice and soak guns in soda water
Make sure all coffee pots are turned off
Turn off the popcorn machine and clean
Settle credit card machine
Z out of cash register
Lock up all money
Turn off all fans
Clean the drain where the beer taps are and pour a pitcher of soda water into the drain with bleach and hot water
Lock all doors
Make sure the alarm is activated

Check membership cards

If we run out of a product write it down
Do not use a large pitcher for one person, by law only 32 oz of beer at a time
Do not over pour (4 count)

Remember to Smile and please acknowledge your customers.

House Committee Responsibilities

Community Service Volunteers routine tasks to be performed as necessary (by priority).
2148 Elk’s DO NOT give 2 for 1 for hours worked! I tell them “Take care of us, take care of you.” Usually, their performance is good quality and they come back for more hours.

(Community Service Volunteers are NOT ALLOWED to touch any alcohol cans/bottles/containers, full or empty at any time.)

1. Restroom cleaning. Wash all Toilets / Commodes / Urinals inside and out. Clean all sinks/countertops. Mop the floor with bleach water.

2. Behind the Bar, remove mats to the outside, wash/scrub, and hang over the railing to dry. Mop the floor behind the bar. When all is dry, replace the mats.

3. Arrange tables and chairs for the next event in HALL. Plan ahead via calendar, as community service personnel are not dependable on a schedule.

5. Wash windows, door jambs, doors, walls, as necessary. Wipe/wash hall tables (to include dining tables) as necessary.

6. Sweep/dust mop the hall floor.

7. Sweep/dust Mop the back patio room floor. Wet/damp mop the back patio room floor as necessary.

8. Wipe down patio tables & chairs as necessary.

9. Empty Mesquite ash from the patio outdoor grill as necessary.

10. Perform a “Police Call” around the building/in the parking lot (picking up papers/screws/nails and cigarette butts). Dispose in the dumpster. Clean/remove cigarette butts from ash cans outside front entrance. Sanitary gloves are available in the cleaning closet.


About 8 PM lock patio, far west door, 2 east doors, double doors into the lodge, and single door by shuffleboard table. Check that the kitchen door is locked.

Stock all liquor, beer, and wine. Make sure enough fruit to open but don’t cut too much as it just goes bad overnight.

Clean out the popcorn machine. Clean out the draft beer tray. Run bleach and 2 coffee pots of hot water down the tray.

Clean all glasses, drink mats, and slush trays before draining sinks. Wipe out sinks, burn ice, and wipe out ice tray and sink. Soak the gun in a pitcher of soda water by taking the nozzle off of the gun.

Wipe down all bar areas and tables. Clean coffee pots and iced tea containers then put them away.

Turn off all TVs – one over the beer cooler with the power strip, not the monitor. Make sure the box is turned down.

Lock the front, side, and back bar doors. X&Z out of register. Settle credit card machine. Lock up all monies. Turn off fans and lights in the bar and bathrooms. Set the alarm and go home.

Make sure the lockbox, door, and office door are all locked and you’ve left the door key in the lockbox. ER office window closed.

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