Search Engine Optimization

The strategy of driving your website into relevant searches your customers are making to increase visibility, page traffic and lead potential on mobile phones and tablets. Search engine optimization is often about making small changes to parts of your website in order to affect the visibility of your website in a search engine’s organic or unpaid search results. Making sure your website is optimized around keywords and is providing informative content is crucial to pulling in valuable traffic and eventually, applicants.

Types of SEO

Local SEO

We understand mobile and tablet and will improve your reach and relevance within Google + Local so you can be found when people are on the go.

With the growth of mobile technology, more people are searching for businesses in their area than ever before. There is significant evidence that mobile searches are driven by location, and that mobile searches lead to almost instant action. Users often use their phones to look for restaurants or shops in their immediate area to make a specific purchase. By this point they have already completed most of the buyer’s journey and they are looking for a retailer with whom to make a purchase.

This type of search traffic has huge implications for your organization’s website. You want to maximize your Local SEO to appear at the top of search results for people in your area.

At Cayseas, this is done by placing your business’ name, address and phone number in a variety of directories like Yelp and where people often search for local businesses. This also helps establish your business as a trustworthy and pro-customer service company. Next, we will use aggregators to distribute your data to popular social media sites like Pinterest where you can tag your location easily or people can check in. Then we will identify industry specific directories where we can submit your site for easy searching.

The goal of any Local SEO effort is to provide users with contact information to easily reach your business. Even if they are not searching using Google or another popular search engine, they will still be able to find you on one of these prominent sites based on your information and proximity to their location. Cayseas can show you how.

Organic SEO

We provide SEO and schema-focused “on-page” optimization of your organic presence to drive clicks to your sites and visitors to your physical locations.

Social Profiles

Most brands have the basics like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but there are a ton of other social networks with high domain authority. Establishing profiles on these networks helps to solidify our clients as a legitimate brand on the web.

Social Bookmarks

These are a content distribution play. We syndicate the blog posts we produce to sites like Digg and Delicious to potentially get more eyeballs on our content. These sites also provide high DA backlinks.

Premium Niche & Geo Citations

Highly targeted and high-quality directory listings.

Pub In-Content

Links within the body of the content on our Publication network. These links will be used very sparingly throughout the course of the campaign (maybe once per quarter). We have a strict policy that the relevancy HAS to be there in order for a link to be placed.


Links from external sources such as blogs. Sometimes we will create content in the form of Guest Posts to be published on another webmaster’s blog which will contain a link back to the client’s website. Other times we will identify existing content on a website where a link will simply be placed within the post.

Local Reach

In today’s world, everyone has a computer at their fingertips – their mobile phone. Research shows that four out of five consumers use their mobile phones for shopping, and that mobile searches lead to action nine out of ten times. Google and other search engines now include mobile users in their search results, so it is crucial that your company is represented in mobile search (local SEO).

ComScore did a recent study showing that mobile searches are location-based more than 60% of the time and that mobile users want to make a purchase less than an hour from the time they complete their search.

Various States of SEO

Get More Candidates | Receive More Applications | Rank Higher in Searches

The number one strategy for businesses to make a name for themselves on the web is through the use of continuous search engine optimization. Google has devised an algorithm that changes over time, taking into account the quality of content on your page, your site speed, the quality of links to and from your page and more.

This algorithm is designed to help the most authoritative and informative sites rise to the top of Google’s rankings, and those of other search engines, where consumers will receive the greatest value for their search efforts.

Organic SEO is one of the best ways to build authority over time and increase your rankings, while making the most of your marketing dollars. Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that requires diligence and commitment, but will continue to earn returns as effort is applied to it. Once your page is well-established, users will be able to search your library of information in perpetuity, meaning even older content will continue to draw in new visitors.

Organic SEO also makes the most of modern research and analytics programs. Thus, as trends in your industry change, your SEO strategy will change as well.

Cayseas can help you stay ahead of shifting keywords and the latest advancements made in your industry. Your site will evolve to meet users at every step of their journey and provide them with valuable information about your organization. We also use a variety of hidden on/off-page SEO tools to enhance search results and ensure the best possible blend of optimization available.

On Page
Optimizing your website’s architecture, headers, meta data, and more will structure your site properly for Google’s crawling bots.

Off Page
Strategizing with guest blogs, backlinking, social seeding, and outreach will give your website the votes it needs to gain the domain authority you want.

What is the Strategy?
Our core link building strategy consists of three key areas – branding, diversification, & content syndication.

Google loves brands so you’ll see more of an emphasis on Social Profiles, Niche & Geo Directories, and Web 2.0’s to help establish brand authority.

Diversification will typically come in the form of guest posts on niche-relevant and geo-relevant blogs and websites.

Content syndication will be accomplished by publishing the content we create to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit and more.

Why does the Algorithm Change?
As Google’s algorithm continues to change and evolve, we too need to be nimble and change accordingly. Google’s introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the algorithm really changed the landscape of links in the SEO world. Building links in high volumes is no longer feasible and the need for diversification is imperative.
Increase Awareness • Drive More Leads • Sell More Stuff
Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that can deliver unmatched ROI, but with more than 200 ranking factors in Google’s ever-evolving algorithm, it’s no longer something that your computer-savvy nephew can do for you. Our team understands that your business is unique — so your SEO strategy should be unique, too. We can help increase the visibility of your content across various search engines and devices using a customized approach. Maybe you’ve been burned by SEO companies in the past, but at Cayseas, transparency is our core value. You’ll know what we do and why we do it every step of the way.

Our SEO team is comprised of versatile digital marketing experts that are Google Analytics certified. We have your back on the digital frontier. We’re not just your SEO company, we’re your co-collaborators and partners for web success.

Doing It Right
At Cayseas, we believe in doing things right. We utilize proven white-hat SEO strategies that will grow your organic presence and forever keep your website penalty free. The same elements that affect organic SEO, such as social cues, relevant backlinks and on-page optimization, affect local SEO as well. However, there are other important elements which greatly influence local SEO.
Research & Analysis
A solid SEO strategy requires solid research and planning. We’ll analyze your website with a fine-tooth comb to ensure we uncover any issues before the campaign even begins. We’ll then provide you with a comprehensive baseline report of our findings.
Search engine optimization is more than just title tags and meta descriptions. We’ll tackle the full gamut of SEO factors from schema markup to page content, site speed, and more. We’ll then make your site contextually relevant through authoritative backlinks.
Measure & Improve
SEO is not a one-and-done process. It takes constant work to ensure your competitors don’t pass you by. Cayseas will measure the performance of your campaign on a monthly basis and make any necessary changes as the search landscape continues to evolve.
What is included in an Organic SEO package?
  • Dedicated SEO Specialists
  • Custom Strategy
  • On-Page Optimizations
  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • Analytics Integration
  • Lead Generation and Call Tracking
  • Link Acquisition
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Robust Reporting
What are backlinks and how do they help my site?
Backlinks are essentially the votes of the internet. A good backlink profile used to be about quantity but Google’s algorithm updates have helped shift it to quality. The better quality and more relevant the sites are that are linking to you, the more successful your website is going to be.
Why is additional content important for my site?
We’ve all heard the saying “Content is King.” Well it’s true. Thorough and more useful content typically results in higher search rankings. Google wants to provide the best and most relevant results possible to their users so good content is essential.
Why can’t I find my website?
There are typically two reasons that you can’t find your website in the search results. The first is that you may accidentally be blocking search engines from crawling your site by having a “noindex” tag in place. The second could be because you have been penalized by the search engines and your website is being suppressed.
How many keywords are good to rank for?
There is no set number of keywords that is “good” to rank for. Every business is different – they offer different products, services and content and therefore are going to rank for a different numbers of queries.
Top Tier Citations
It’s essential that your business have accurate name, address and phone (NAP) info in the top-tier electronic business directories such as Yelp, Google+, Bing, Yahoo, and others. At Cayseas, we can claim, update and even create these listings for you to ensure that your business is represented accurately across the web.
Niche Citations
It’s great to have your business listed on the top-tier online business directories, but that’s not enough. Every month, Cayseas will create more listings for your company on industry-specific local directories. We keep track of the top local industry sites for health and dental professionals, restaurants, education, travel, entertainment and more.
Custom Features
Cayseas specializes in promoting special offers. We know they can attract new customers and repeat business from your existing clientele. Our Local SEO team optimizes your business’ name, address and telephone number information on a multitude of important business directories to ensure that your company’s information is accurate, easily found and relevant to user searches.
Aggregators Distribution
Acxiom, Factual, Infogroup and Neustar Localeze are the four primary aggregators of location data. These companies then send that data to local search engines. Similarly, FourSquare transmits location data to local search apps like Pinterest. Cayseas will make sure your company’s information is accurate on the local directories which pull data from these aggregators each month, which means your citations count will grow exponentially.
Multi Location
At Cayseas, we’ll manage information for hundreds and even thousands of locations, using our dedicated support and transparent status reporting. We’ll take the time necessary to maintain consistently accurate listing information for multiple locations of your business while providing you with insightful information on them. That’s why numerous major brands and agencies across the country trust us.
Reviews Monitoring
Online reviews are essential to build trust with potential customers. Studies show that nearly 80% of people trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from their own friends and family. At Cayseas, we make it easy for you to monitor positive reviews from satisfied customers and respond appropriately to any negative reviews received.
What Do You Get with a Local SEO Campaign?
  • Optimized Google My Business Listing
  • Enhanced Citations on Top Tier sites
  • Manually created Niche & Geo citations
  • Automatic syndication to data aggregators
  • Fix errors and remove duplicate listings
  • SEO for Google My Business page
  • Social reputation audit
  • Monitoring & alerts for online reviews
  • Contextual relevant backlinks
  • Detailed reporting including benchmark and monthly
What are citations and how do they help my GMB page?
Citations are mentions of the business name address and phone number (NAP) on placements like online directories and websites. Search engines like Google consider a citation as a vote for the local business. The more relevant the citations are better.
Why can’t I see what keywords my GMB page is ranking for?
Google does not report on keyword ranking for local business listings. The information provided by Google will include the number of views and clicks your listing have generated over a specific time period.
How do I show up for all my service areas?
Services areas are built out by a mile radius from your location, cities or zip codes. Each area needs to be added to the GMB listing and will aid in “near me” searches related to your categories.
How do I get in the top 3 listings for local searches?
Accurate NAP info, quality citations strategy, positive online reviews and an optimized website will be the base for your ranking success. Other practices such as producing content on your blog and interacting on social media will be your next step. Reach out to our specialists to learn more.

Periodic Table of SEO

What We Offer

Google My Business Setup
Google My Business Optimization
Citation Building
Algorithm Compliance
Social Seeding

Social Reviews
Backlink Building
Posting Events & Specials
On-page Optimizations
Off-page Optimizations
Backlink Outreach

Website Audits
Content Calendar
Blog Writing
Content Creation
Goal Creation

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