Place your brand directly in front of active consumers through strategically picked events and on-site activation with assorted marketing materials & brand ambassadors. Let our Street Team bring your product, event or business to another level by extending your brand beyond the screen and onto the streets into the hands of your targeted consumer!

Event Marketing Opportunities

Branding & Awareness

People have an easier time remembering experiences that engage all of their senses. Events allow you to reach customers in a very memorable way.

Generating Leads

Collecting contact information for potential new customers can be executed in a number of ways prior to the event, at the event or post-event.

Engaging with Existing Customers

Events offer an unparalleled level of customer engagement which helps build brand loyalty.

Sampling & Selling

Event marketing gives you a chance to upsell customers by introducing them to products or services they may not know about or know that they need.

Various States of Event Marketing

A wholly unique and integrated approach to communicating with your audience does not have to begin and end with traditional advertising. In fact, one of the most intimate ways to share your brand is through event marketing. From widely recognized local music scenes such as the Memphis Music Festival and Bumbershoot in Seattle to increasingly popular festivals like Miami’s Brew at the Zoo or industry expos, Event Sponsorship is an excellent way of connecting your brand with your audience.

Trade shows, film festivals, fashion shows and art galleries are just a few of the hundreds of events available across all major markets. Table tents, signage, radio and TV spots, swag bags, tastings and cross-promotional collateral are all ways Cayseas Marketing Agency can make your presence truly felt with that fiercely desired target market.

Not every event is perfect for your brand – that’s why Cayseas offers Event Sponsorship opportunities for events both large and small. From intimate gallery events highly popular on a local level to full-blown regional trade shows that receive national recognition, we have an event to fit your marketing needs.

Casyeas has connections with the leading industry related events such as food, music, arts and beer-related events near you, attracting more and more guests each year. We proudly get you involved with many of these live events, many of them iconic annual affairs that have become staples of local entertainment calendars or even help you plan your next customer experience.

From brand awareness to sampling and selling, discover how your brand can achieve maximum exposure and connect with our diverse range of audiences in groundbreaking ways.

Trade Shows & Expos
Whether your target market is business to consumer or business to business, there is a trade show for your business. Let us help you network with similar businesses while catering to consumers looking for what your industry has to offer. Our events team can help manage your trade event, networking event, social event, or create an experience that comes to life.
From large music festivals attended by thousands of fans to special intimate music showcases for established and up-and-coming artists, our partnered music events are as impressive as our extensive coverage of the local (and national) music scenes in our markets.
Food & Drink
Our partnered food events highlight the best of our cities’ dining scenes, showcasing the culinary arts of award-winning chefs and the creations of soon-to-be award winners. We love to celebrate food culture in all its varieties and our media partners are noted for their diverse coverage of restaurants of all types and cuisines. Meanwhile, our wine tastings and spectacular beer events showcase the latest brews by craft beer makers across our metro areas.
Art · Fashion · Culture
Local culture as a whole – including art, fashion, and food – is the focus of our Artopia events, held in several markets. Attendees enjoy locally produced foods and beverages while enjoying the work of local artists and designers.

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Questions about Event Marketing? Interested in what event opportunities are coming up and how you can get involved? Let us know, we can help.

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