Email Marketing

Utilizing your current customer database or a purchased list should enhance the relationship of an organization with its existing customers, encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, and help acquire new customers through email marketing. Promote your products or services with your marketing message or promotion to your current customers or reach new prospects through purchased email lists that relate to your industry.

Email Marketing Methods

Monthly Newsletters
Dedicated Blasts

Various States of Email Marketing

Copywriting & Editing | Content Strategy | Messaging & Positioning | Thought Leadership

At Cayseas, our email offerings connect your most engaged subscribers with the best stories, events and more. As a current email subscriber, you can grant first access to the news and promotions that you care about most, whether that’s food, music, film, arts, deals or happy hours or all of the above! It’s the easiest way to stay connected to the absolute best of what’s happening within your business.
As an advertiser, you get access to targeted subscribers who know and love their city’s scene, but are always looking for more: what to do, where to go, new places to eat, great films to see, art to enjoy, fantastic deals to save money and most importantly, what you have to offer them. In other words, just the sort of customers likely to respond to smart, respectful advertising.
Building your customer database can be tricky but we have a solution for you. We offer strategic campaigns through various mediums to develop a strong subscriber base in any market with a variety of options to reach your target audience. Reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic, Cayseas gives you the inside track to your future customers’ in-boxes.

What We Offer

Setup Email Platform
Template Development

CRM Integration

Email Database Building
Email List Management

Questions about Email Marketing? Want to learn new ways to directly market to your current customers, create loyalty programs, or build your database? Let us know, we can help.

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