The creative process of branding is when a consumer recognizes a strategy that a business publicizes in order for people to be able to quickly identify their company.

Expand beyond the printed publication and utilize custom designs, rack cards, magnets, table tents, coasters, flyers, and assorted swag. We offer numerous ways to accommodate your business’ individual needs with a variety of customized packages, ranging from simple department-specific color changes to a completely unique design.

Top Branding Elements

Brand Discovery

Forensic Brand Discovery
Market Research
Letterhead & Stationery
Gift Certificates
Grand Openings
Employee Apparel
Brand Strategy
Naming & Taglines
Identity Programs
Style Guides

Design Work

Print Ads
Digital Ads
Facebook Banners
Web Banners
Trade Show Graphics
Menu Design
Web Animations

Promotional Materials

Gift Certificates
Cups & Mugs
Trade Show Graphics
Specialty Items

Various States of Branding

Brand Development | Strategy | Planning | Research

Strategy | Planning | Media Relations | Public Affairs

Planning | Design | Buying | Analysis

Broadcast | Print | Outdoor | Experiential
Identity | Collateral | Packaging | Environmental
Motion Graphics | Logo Animation | Short Films

Digital Strategy
Your digital strategy team consists of Subject Matter Experts from all facets of the digital experience. Our focus is to become your trusted advisor in order to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your online presence.

Attract Image • Engage Image • Convert Image • Renew Image

Creative Strategy
This area projects the tone for your brand’s image and website which will outline usability features. It defines the site hierarchy, by determining what the most important features are in order to produce the most optimal user experience. This includes design guidelines, user mapping, and information architecture.
Graphic Design
More than simply creating pretty pictures, our data-driven process takes into account your brand, feedback from your community, and the expertise of our designers to ensure the best results. We have plenty of designs to prove it.
This includes matching specific user preferences when presenting the content of your brand and your website to that particular user. This is accomplished by tracking user behavior through market research and on your website in order to ensure that the site is tailored or “personalized” for that user.
Our digital strategy team begins by developing requirements for the project through direct collaboration with our clients. At Cayseas, we focus is to increase website growth through strategic consulting based on user behavior. The strategy team focuses on creating a fully integrated experience, The Customer Journey. The main mission of our strategists is to become your trusted advisor and develop deeper relationships. We don’t simply want to build an online solution for you and leave you on your own. The overall and long-term goal is to become more integrated in our clients’ decision-making processes to help make the right decisions. This should lead to an increase in profitability by generating increased conversions throughout all digital assets of a company.
Brand Guide Examples
Brand Guides can vary with what might be included and in how much depth. Clients can begin their brand discovery with a style guide which might only consist of a few main elements of getting your brand defined but can be as extensive as a brand book with forensic brand discovery utilizing market research and guidelines for all aspects of your brand’s identity. View these examples of popular brands you know online to get an idea of what you might need for your brand but know we are never limited to what you see here.

ChowNow Brand Guidelines
ChowNow Brand Guide Download Options

Estimated Cost References
Check out these articles from websites you know to read what branding your business can cost as all of our branding solutions are customized and tailored to your brand’s needs.

What We Offer

Logo Design & Development
Brand Mark Design
Iconography Design
Iconography Guidelines
Logo Guidelines
Color Palette Development
Font Guide
Brand Story
Tagline Development
Brand Voice
Language Guidelines
Forensic Brand Discovery
Graphic Design Services
Video Editing Services
Traditional Advertising Strategy
Digital Advertising Strategy
Ongoing Brand Management
Qualitative Market Research

Website Design
Web Development
Social Media Guidelines
Advertising Design Guidelines
Product Photography
Advertising Photography
Strategic Content Creation
Radio Ad Script Development
TV Ad Script Development
Communications Audits
Brand Guides
Style Guides
Branding Book
Mood Boards
Public Relations
PR Releases & Submissions
Business Cards
Social Imagery

Project Management
Product Packaging Design
Retail Design
Physical Space Guidelines
Space Design
Event Design
Promo Material Design
Promo Material Development
Video Production
Employee Apparel Design
Employee Apparel Guide
Employee Brand Training
Sales Emblement Materials
Swag Design
Brand Ambassadors
Promo Models
Street Team
Brand Experience Design

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