Website Introduction

Website Introduction

A well-constructed website should answer the initial question that visitors are seeking. They come to your website to find something that is worth the effort they spend to get there. Knowing this information before the design process starts is essential to an effective design.

A well planned and designed website should have the following:

  1. An easy to use information structure
  2. Inviting and appealing balance on text, white space and images
  3. Compelling relevant content that’s interesting and original
  4. Relevant keywords properly placed in the right positions
  5. Branding and Personal character that matches the business image
  6. Substance & evidence of the value proposition
  7. Clear path to the call-to-action(s)

The first generation of Nate’s Korner website will be designed to; attract more customers, serve existing customers, build credibility and accurately represent your Brand and generate more revenue. Building an effective Website is much more than just creating a “pretty site”. It will combine all 3 locations to one website, a major SEO benefit. We work with you to create a design and web site that reflects your personality and needs. It will also be flexible enough to change and grow as your needs change.

Foodservice Website Experience

We have many years of designing, developing and providing ongoing support for the restaurant industry. Through this experience, we have developed a deep understanding and appreciation for this challenging and exciting business. From a technical perspective, we have developed custom functionality like menus, events, multi-location maps, catering forms and more.

Our restaurant customers view us as a partner and an extension of their business. Some of these restaurants have been with us for over 7 years. Here are a few of them:

The District by Hannah An Pickup Stix Slapfish Restaurant
Green Tomato Grill Chronic Tacos Social Life Pizza
SeaLegs Wine Bar Sesalt Woodfire Grill Bibigo

Website Navigation

Navigation and Page Elements

Ink Refuge will incorporate the following elements and features for each page below:


Website Content

Unless otherwise indicated, the customer is responsible to provide all content for the website.


Website Features

Slide Show

Display images and photos in a powerful and eye-catching demonstration of your featured products, promotions, services and more. The module is designed for customers to easily and quickly change images and the order of images display.

Slide Show Graphics

The custom slideshow graphics with be designed based on the feedback provided by the customer. This proposal includes 3 slides. Additional slides are available for $50 – $100 of design time (not including stock image cost).

Text and Image Page

The Text and Image Page is styled and designed based on the information being presented. The layout will follow a consistent format so the site visitor can easily navigate from one page to another. Through our Gorilla Tools CMS, you will have the ability to change the images and text t your convenience without effecting the site layout, design or format. The CMS is designed to be used by non-technical users.


List all your menu items in a text format that is easy to view, is search engine friendly, and through the CMS where you can make the changes and edits yourself. Optionally, attached a PDF version of your menu your customers can download (PDF).

Social Media

Your site will have the option for either Social Media links or feeds. Feeds will display the content directly from your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram sites. Do use feed option, you should use the accounts multiple times a day.

Responsive Design and Mobile Website

To accommodate mobile visitors, your website will be Responsive and optimized for desktops and tablets.

For mobile, we will create a separate design that is dedicated and optimized for small screens like a phone.


Showcase your food and or news and press that you want to share with website visitors. You’ll have the control to add or remove images whenever you like.

Website Maintenance

To support our busy customers, we offer the option to post and author content as a monthly service. Our customers appreciate the service as an extension of their marketing department for graphic design, content creation and website updates and maintenance.

Text and Images

All of the Gorilla Tools™ modules are user friendly and take little to no time to learn. The content that you input in Gorilla Tools™ will display on the front end of your site as soon as you hit the save button. By using Gorilla Tools™ modules, you will be able to run the back end of your site quickly and efficiently without the hassle of waiting on someone else to update your site for you.

User Accounts (GT™ CMS only)

Content Management System will be provided for this page

Ability to allow client to setup different login permissions to separate parts of the Content Management System

Other Options (optional…GT™ CMS only)

Ability to create automatic emails on internet user birthdays and anniversaries. Will also allow auto-email after form submittals

Ability to add social networking sites links such as; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… to the website.

Training and Usage Support

Ink Refuge provides online training for the Gorilla Tools CMS users. This training will acquaint the users on all the features of the CMS. The CMS was designed for simplicity and non-technical users. We’ll have you adding, editing and removing text, images, calendar schedules, portfolio updates and more in just 60 minutes of training. If you forget how to use the CMS, give us a call and we will be happy to answer all your questions. CMS training and support is including with the CMS usage fee.

Website Content Requirements

To develop and create a successful website and to meet project development timeframe, Ink Refuge requires the following Content:

File Format

Acceptable Image File Formats:

File formats: .jpeg, .psd, .eps or .tif. Minimum size: 150 dpi. Preferred size: 300 dpi Color mode: RGB

Acceptable Text or Email File Formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf or .html

Unacceptable file format: PageMaker, Corel Draw, Freehand, Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint or Excel. If you are creating images in these or other unsupported programs, contact your account executive.

Content Agreement

I understand that website development is a collaborative effort, and that I will need to be actively involved in providing Ink Refuge with content to complete my website.

I understand what content I will be required to provide.

I understand that the timelines dictated in this proposal begin once Ink Refuge receives payment for each web development Phase.

I understand that Phase payments will be due regardless of whether I have provided Ink Refuge with the content that will be requested of me and is necessary to complete my website.

Ink Refuge will complete my website using “placeholder” content that I will be able to replace myself using the CMS.