Proposal Workflow Overview

Intro | About | Pillars | Purpose
Objectives | Goals | Success | KPIs
Strategy | Customer Journey
Feed The Lake
Targets | Events
Solutions | Overview of Services
Content Repurposing
Funneling | Drip Campaigns | UTMed Landing Pages | Form Fills
Ideas | Recommendations
Competitors’ Summary | ActionNetwork | Inspiration

Table of Contents

Credentials, Certifications, & Awards

Digital Opportunities – Mind Mapping Cold to Hot Leads

Customer Journey
Rivers Feeding The Lake
Top – Mid – Bottom of Funnel
Funneling Campaigns
Tracking & KPIs


Branding Overview – Benefits, Advantages,
Branding Offerings, Objectives/Goals, & Add-ons – Graphic Design

Social Media Overview & Benefits
Social Media Offerings – Platforms/Channels – Video Repurposing

Websites Overview
Websites Offerings – Landing Pages, Lead Gen, Forms, Web Dev,

SEO (Organic & Local) Overview
SEO (Organic & Local) Offerings, Content, Video,

Media Buying Overview
Media Buying Offerings

Paid Media Overview, Leading Indicators, Lagging Indicators
Paid Media Offerings, Quality Scoring

Programmatic Advertising Overview – Types
Programmatic Advertising Offerings – Targets

Email Management Overview
Email Management Offerings

Event Marketing Overview
Event Marketing Offerings

Traditional Media Overview
Traditional Media Offerings

Additional Media Opportuntities


Calendar of Events/Seasons
Sportsbooks – Operators – States
DFS – Operators – States
Online Casino Gaming – Operators – States
List of Sports & Teams – Pro & College

Thank You LP

Optional: Agreements & Forms