Thousands of UK Teens Will Help Settle a Vaccine Debate Over Meningitis

Just thinking about vaccines. In general I still don’t understand what is the problem with protecting your children and your loved ones. I have had the pleasure of turning 61 years young just recently. I had all the vaccines that were given to children and some extras as I was 9 years old when we went to Europe and visited 9 countries in 21 days. My father traveled when I was older in my twenties and went to Indonesia and had the recommended (not required) as many countries now today REQUIRE vaccines and immunizations. So much of the population of the United States of America can have good healthcare and it is proactive medicine that when it comes down to a vaccine or a lost life it seems simple to me that a vaccine is worth its weight in gold and several times over. All lives are worth saving and the enjoyment that they bring is priceless.