Our new product, Device ID (DID) Targeting, allows you to target your consumers who visited specific locations (polygons on a map) during specific date ranges. This is similar to our current “Lookback” product, but with a number of performance and flexibility gains, including a more robust data validation algorithm and a larger pool of audience insight data.

The way it works is simple: pick your locations and your timeframe (i.e. everyone who visited the downtown baseball stadium since the current season began), and we will pull the device IDs of all validated mobile devices seen in that location during the timeframe specified. Once we have those device IDs, we can glean some high-level demographic data to share with your client via the “Audience Insight Report”.

Our Microproximity product is similar but is different in a few important ways. Microproximity serves impressions to users who are currently in a geofence, and only when they are in that geofence. Device ID targeting hits users who have been seen in a geofence, no matter where they are during the time an impression is served. Device ID targeting is a much more robust way to capture this type of audience, which is a group of users who we make inferences about based on their geographical behavior. Think of it as behavior targeting that uses physical location history instead of online cookie history.

In addition, Device ID targeting gives us the ability to expand our audience through household extension targeting. With household extension, we not only capture the devices seen in our polygons, but also the other devices associated with the home addresses of the users in the audience (user’s other devices, and the devices of their family members/roommates. We also utilize cross-device targeting, so we can hit our target user on their phone, tablet, and even their desktop computer. This allows us to expand our audience (when needed) in a very relevant and meaningful way.

We’re very excited to bring you this opportunity to be an early adopter of what we believe is some of the highest quality (not to mention really cool) targeting technology available today. Reach out if you’d like to learn more!