Here is an example of sites, but remember there are over 5,000 sites in PHX DMA that’s part of the network.
Keep in mind, your buying the exact audience member you want, not the site.
Think of it as this…
1. If you’re trying to reach ladies on TV for your female hygiene product, you runs ads on the Oprah network.
2. But what if a man is watching the Oprah channel?  You be serving ads for your female products to a man. It’s a waste.
3. But what if you could NOT serve that man your ad?  You’d not waste your money. Right?
4. And let’s say while that man is watching the Oprah channel, some lady in need of your product is watching ESPN.
5. So we serve her on ESPN and not the man on Oprah.
6. Now imagine if that woman went to watch the Cartoon Network. You might say: “I don’t want ads on the Cartoon Network”. But I’d say right. You don’t. But you do want that lady.
So really, the sites don’t matter. The consumer does, the exact audience does.