Important quotes for me:
Q: How do you think about the role of intent for businesses? Is a transaction the ultimate goal?
A:It is. But even so, nobody wakes up in the morning with a credit card in their hand and says, “My name is Jane and I want to buy something.” That’s not the way that it works…
…My advice to brands is: Don’t slug it out with everyone else solely at the I-want-to-buy part of the lower funnel. Reach these customers long before your competitor does, such as during the I-want-to-know moments, and build brand affinity. When you start at the top of the funnel, you have the largest addressable audience and you can position yourself as the authority in the field so customers will have you in mind as they progress on their purchase path.
…Smart agencies and marketers are now looking beyond the I-want-to-buy moments, and building customer connections well before they get to a checkout. You have to be in that game. Get your clients in that game. It’s better for everyone.
This is where the rivers and streams come into play. Educating the client that our media assets are part of a larger funnel. First awareness, then consideration, then research, then transact. Each ad campaign will not be focussed on on JUST transaction. It is important you set that expectation from the outset.

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