As consumers embrace new digital devices, the rules of brand engagement are evolving. To reach audiences wherever they are, brands increasingly rely on programmatic buying to deliver highly relevant, effective, and measureable ads—at scale. This five-part guide will show you how to use data and technology to engage with consumers in the moments that matter most.

Step 1 – Organize audience insights:

Great marketing begins and ends with the audience. Part one of this five-part series on programmatic buying reveals how brands that organize their data are best equipped to make vital audience connections.

Step 2 – Design compelling creative:

When creative teams are armed with data, engagement becomes easier. Part two of this five-part series on programmatic buying shows how using audience insights can help brands to craft better, more compelling creative.

Step 3 – Execute with integrated technology:

The big opportunity is in unified, cross-channel digital experiences, but that means little if campaigns aren’t executed well. Part three of this five-part series on programmatic buying shows how an integrated technology platform can help ensure your campaign’s effectiveness.

Step 4 – Reach audiences across screens:

It’s critical to be there in the consumer’s moment of need—on any screen, in any channel. Part four of this five-part series shows how programmatic buying ensures the right ad is served to the right user at the right time.

Step 5 – Measure the impact:

Programmatic buying affords an opportunity for marketers to take a big leap toward integrated, actionable measurement. Part five of this five-part series shows how brands can get better answers to their questions and make more informed decisions about their spend and creative direction.