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I have the pleasure of working with this gentleman that has a way in the adult industry. As I research him, I have come across some amazing articles by him and his thoughts are interesting…. so interesting that I want to share what he has said….
“First off, I want to say I hate Facebook. I hate Mark Zuckerberg for inventing it because it made me learn something new. For 10 years I had this down cold. I didn’t have to learn anything; I knew it all, and then that son of a bitch came out with it and everybody is on it.
My clients started asking for it and I tried to duck it and say it was a fad, it will go away, don’t worry about it.  At about 300 million users I thought, “Alright, it’s got a chance. It just might stick around.” The worst was, though, I have an 82-year-old mother who sent me a friend request, and I thought if my mother is more advanced than I am, there is a problem.
So, I decided I had to go learn it. I took the online webinars, I read the books, I went to classes at the University of Miami, and it just got more and more complicated. I learned that Facebook is sort of like an ugly guy trying to get laid at a cocktail party. Good looking guys have no problem, they don’t have to work at it. Guys who look like me, they have to work at it. They have to have a system.
First, you have to show up. You have to look good, or as good as you can in my case. You have to introduce yourself to everyone. You have to start telling people jokes or an interesting story. You want them to start talking about you to other people. Then you come back at the end and collect phone numbers—that’s sort of the “Likes.” And then, if you are lucky, you get one to come home with you. Boom. And you go back and try it again.
As it pertains to Facebook, though, the first thing is you have to do is start a page. You have to go to the party. If you’re not at the party, you’re not getting laid.  Or in your case, you’re not getting people to your club.
And you have to look good. I’m amazed at the number of Facebook pages who have horrible looking headers on there. Also, by the way, Facebook is horizontal; make sure the picture that’s your header photo is horizontal.
Then you have to introduce yourself to everyone when you launch the page. You have to circulate. You have to email this out to all of your friends. You have to tell everybody you have a Facebook page. You have to make as many people aware as possible. You have your employees tell everyone they know. Give them the web address. You tell all of your vendors. If you are advertising with a radio station, you tell them. If you have a current email list or a text list, you announce it to them. And, “like” every single business you can think of in the area, every one of them. Go on their page and “like” them because on their page it shows you like them. People are more likely to go ahead, see your Facebook page and click on that.
You also post the link to your website. I look at a lot of websites that say, “Follow our Facebook page,” and you click on it and it’s the generic Facebook (home) page; it’s not their specific Facebook page. In that case, you might as well be sending them to the competition. And then you have to promote it in every single one of your ads.
Also, you can’t always sell to your Facebook friends. The rule of thumb is, it should be four interesting posts for every one trying to sell them. You have sexy girls? Put pictures of them on there. Put jokes or interesting trivia. If you keep telling them, “Come to two-for-one, two-for-one, two-for-one, two-for-one,” it’s like an insurance salesman at a party who walks up to everybody and the first thing out of his mouth is, “Do you have insurance? Can I sell you insurance?” Pretty soon that guy sits over in the corner and nobody is talking to him. If it’s all about selling, then no one is going to care about your page.
So all of that is the free way to do it.  If that doesn’t work, if doing it free doesn’t work, then you have to pay for it. You can buy a Facebook ad. You have to submit the ads for approval to Facebook and they are going to take a look at it. They won’t approve strip club ads, so you have to make it look like it’s not a strip club. You can be a steak house, you can be a nightclub. But this allows you to be able to target your demographic. You can pick anybody, any age group, and you can choose your budget.”

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