What sets Device ID (DID) targeting apart from competitors like Cuebiq and MaxPoint?

Larger Scale (250M+ unique device IDs)
Patented Match to Household Address tech gives precise Demographic Insight
Credit Scores
Cookie-Free means audiences have a longer shelf life
True Lat/Long based device ID targeting vs cross device graph (MaxPoint)

AdCellerant offers data on a large scale and has more precise data associated with Device IDs with a longer shelf life than any other Device ID targeting company today. We correlate DID to home addresses with a high degree of precision. Because we map to home addresses we have a significantly more precise profile of the device. It is a deterministic match to proven offline data sets.*

My favorite example: just because you see my device at a Justin Bieber concert doesn’t mean I am a boy band, pop music fan. It means I was the Mom who caved to my kids and took the girls to the concert – location alone is not a good way to create a segment. As you see in our reporting, there is a wide variety of age, income, etc. at each location. It is the combination of all the data, location, frequency, scale, volume, household level demographics and repeated behaviors, that give us the better product.

*offline data: offline data, more specifically household level data, has been around over 200 years – name two US Presidents that work in the data collection business. Household level data is extremely accurate and is the underlying data that drives credit, financing, mortgage, employment and business decisions. This is where we leverage the patented technology that sets our product apart.

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