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Social media is an instant way to connect to your customers. Whether you are looking for a basic presence through the most used platforms or reach unique users on niche sites, we can take care of your needs. Your online reputation is our business.

Our process starts with posting with a purpose based on your business goals. Once we have established your goals of social media and what benefits you want to reap from growing your social media, we will review the channels that best fit your industry and decide where to put our focus.

On-boarding you as a client can be a process so to make sure everything goes smoothly, a form will be provided to you stating what information we need including levels of access, usernames and passwords which will stay private, and any other necessary info we may need to make sure we can launch with success.

Our social media strategists will then audit your current social presence including your reach, engagement levels, and optimization of channel profiles. Once the audit has been completed, the strategist will review your benefits for your social media goals and develop a strategy overview that may be broken down into 3, 6, or 12 month strategies. This will guide the social media content writers on a monthly basis to create your content calendars where we post with a purpose knowing your goals and ways you wish to benefit from social media.

Content calendars will be provided for you to review and approve. The content calendars will include the post text, image or video (if applicable), link when needed, or other attachment with the benefit that the post is satisfying so we all understand the purpose of the post.

When review monitoring is added to your social media package, we will discuss with you how you would like us to handle different situations. This can include positive reviews where you would like a specific tone or template used for each response to keep your brand story alive or stay concise with your messaging. If a negative review occurs, we can predetermine scenarios and solutions you would like to see as a sense of customer service. Making sure that all posts, comments, reviews, shares, hashtags, etc. are acknowledged is a huge must when it comes to social media so make sure you know your business’ level of engagement prior to starting a social media package.

Every month, we will review your monthly progression report. This includes the change in your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with quantifiable measurements to see how posting with a purpose is benefiting your business. If you have any specials, events, promotions, or other unique occurrence happening within your business, make sure you notify us as soon as possible with 4-6 weeks in advance is ideal but a minimum of 2 weeks is requested.

If you ever have any questions, comments, requests, or additional strategy recommendations, we are always here for you.

What is the difference between social media strategy and reputation management?

Social media strategy utilizing posting on social media channels with a purpose knowing your audience. Reputation management including posting with a purpose but also replying to comments, posts, reviews, etc. as managing your online reputation through social media and review channels.

Questions about social media? Need help with your online reputation? Let us know, we can help.

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