About Cayseas, LLC

Cayseas, LLC is an independent marketing agency that inspires passion for brands by engaging people through integrated live & digital campaigns. We are your guide to digital marketing. Anything from SEO, PPC, Social Media, Website Development, Programmatic Advertising, Targeted Digital Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Publications and more.
Advertising and marketing for a client should to exciting, fun, and engaging. Thinking differently, or creating “outside of the box,” requires significant effort on behalf of the creator of those plans. Doing so calls upon the creator of such plans to study, listen, and interact with not just the client, but the culture of the client and the customers they seek to reach.
We have had the privilege to work alongside some of the most recognizable brands in the country. With over 10+ years of successful work completed for over 100+ clients, we have had the tremendous opportunity to learn, implement, and help create; all while being immersed in different industries. Such industries include hospitality, home services, automotive, cannabis, adult, food and drink plus many, many more.
If it is your business to be a leader in your industry, then our business is to tell your story in a way that captures the media and strategic partners’ imaginations, raises your profile, engages the public, and ultimately, benefits your bottom line. To do so, we focus on developing the best skills and then optimize marketing strategies and execution.
Cayseas offers marketing services to those who excel in the world of hospitality, restaurants, hotels, chefs, travel, wines & spirits, products, automotive, product brands, cannabis, adult, night clubs, home services, and many more. We have been doing it for over 10+ years, and we understand and appreciate every sip, every personality, every destination, and product.
Because we specialize in a variety of industries, we know how to tell your story to everyone from the tastemakers and trend-setters to the producers and editors. Our expertise is grounded in digital presence, but encompasses a full suite of marketing capabilities, including robust social media campaigns, full-scale branding—from name and logo ideation to website development, video, advertising and collateral development—and special approaches for the needs of travel and tourism destinations around the globe. We partner with businesses that have exciting, groundbreaking stories to tell because as a company, we whole-heartedly believe others should know about them too.
We are defined by the quality of the relationships we maintain with our clients, the media, vendors, partners, as well as internally as a team. Communication is one of the bedrocks of what we do, and we take pride on it as well. Our success comes from expertise, but also from never losing sight of the people who make our work, and our clients’ work, possible.
On this website you will find the latest news, trends and tips for digital marketing, SEO, print advertising and much more. These  articles are all cited and provide links to read more. If you have any news or trends to contribute, please go to our Contact page to submit your articles. If you would like a FREE media audit to see how Google views your website, I will show you your digital footprint!
We are Cayseas, LLC, and this is why we’re the leader in full-funnel marketing.

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