Company says AMP ads can load up to 5 seconds faster than standard display ads.

At Tuesday’s Google Marketing Next event, Google announced more integrations for AMP for Display and Search advertisers.

For search advertisers, Google is launching a beta to serve AMP-enabled landing pages on mobile from Search ads. Advertisers that have created landing pages in AMP HTML will be able to designate them as their mobile landing pages at the ad level in AdWords. After users click a search ad from mobile, the ad will direct to the AMP landing page, which should serve up much faster than standard landing pages. Google says early testing has shown improved user behavior and conversion outcomes.

On the Google Display Network, Google will automatically convert display ads to AMP. Google has found AMP ads can load up to five seconds faster than standard display ad builds.

Google is currently working on unifying unique users who visit both AMP and non-AMP pages in Analytics. At I/O last week, Google also made several announcements about its push to make AMP the standard for the mobile web.