Google Webmaster Tools Data Stopped Updating Almost A Week Ago

Are you concerned that your Google Webmaster Tools reports have not updated in a week? Don’t be, everyone else has the same issue.

If you try to see how well you did with your SEO efforts over the past week by using Google Webmaster Tools, you will be out of luck. The data and tools have not updated since almost a week ago, Saturday, February 7th.

Typically, the data in Google Webmaster Tools is behind by about two-days but to be behind six or seven days is not all that common. It is however not that unusual for the reports to be lagged slightly longer than a two-day period, but again, week old data is not common.

There are many complaints in the Google Webmaster forums, but no response from Google on (a) if they acknowledged the issue and (b) when it will be resolved.

Here is a sample report showing the last date in the search queries report is the 7th:


Meanwhile, we are also looking into reports that Google Analytics zeroed out data on Monday, February 9th.

Both reports have not been commented on by Google at the time of publishing this story.