As of late, Wix Web pages have been dropping out of the Google list. Google said they are chipping away at determining the issue.

There are reports that Wix sites are as of now not being listed and positioned by Google. Wix is a prominent site building stage utilized by numerous littler organizations and experts to fabricate their Web vicinity.

The issue appears to have sprung up around two weeks back, yet today, Google has affirmed there is an issue. Google’s John Mueller said they are taking a shot at the Google end to bring the Wix Web pages once more into the list.

John said in a bolster string, “[W]e’re taking a shot at determining things here on our side meanwhile.” “One thing that you may notice is that we’ll be recrawling these destinations somewhat quicker to recover the dropped pages into the file a touch speedier,” John Mueller included.

John said that Google’s group has taken an “inside and out take a gander at the setup on these locales” and is attempting to alter it on the Google indexing end.

It appears like the best wager for any one utilizing a Wix site is to simply endure it. Google appears to have assisted the re-indexing of these sites, and it appears you ought to see your Web pages return in the Google record reasonably soon.

Wix is overwhelming on the AJAX/JavaScript side, so I am not certain if Google as of late changed something on their end or on the off chance that it was a change on the Wix side.

You can stay informed regarding your file check in the Google Search Console. In any case, John Mueller asked that you stay up with the latest on your Wix indexing issues in this bolster string.

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