Google is updating their mobile search results and it might hurt businesses… but they should have something up their sleve.

This morning there’s been an update to Google + Local pages. At the moment it’s an optional update, so you can choose whether to go with the new look or stay with the old view .

While G+ data in SERPs remain the same, there has been amajor shake up on the G+ pages themselves.

As part of Google’s ongoing rollback of G+, the search engine islimiting the value of G+ pages by removing useful data that it previously displayed such as phone numbers, reviews and photos. (see below for a full list of what’s been removed)

Old View

New View

What’s been removed from Google + Local Pages?

  • Phone Number
  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Business Catergories
  • Insights into page views
  • Opening hours
  • Map
  • Ability to ‘Star’ a location
  •  Upload a photo
  •  Share location