4 Predictions on How IOT Will Affect Online Marketing and SEO

By: Mediaone

4 Predictions on How IOT Will Affect Online Marketing and SEO

IOT (Internet of Things) is a connection of physical devices such as mobile phones, vehicles, and other items that are embedded with sensors, software, actuators, electronics, and a network connectivity that allows the objects to receive and send data. This new technology will undoubtedly revitalize our lives, but more importantly, it will have a great impact on how business market their products and services online as well as how web development agencies conduct SEO Services for Singapore clients.

Here are four predictions on how IOT will influence online marketing and SEO.

Decline in Organic Click-through Rates

Due to the level of conversational engagement, organic click-through rates are expected to drop. Users will start to rely heavily on IOT technology to do various tasks such as knowing how long to bake cakes. Most of these orders, commands, and conversations will not require one to browse the internet. Digital marketing agencies need to capitalize on this by optimizing their website for IOT searches instead of the current SEO searches.

Increase in Conversational Queries

Already, searches have started to move towards conversational queries. People are no longer using keywords to look up information on search engines. Instead, they are typing long-form questions. Digital assistants that have the ability to interpret and respond to vocally input queries have helped to scale up the use of conversational queries. Digital marketing Singapore experts need to embrace this technology and optimize their websites and blogs for conversational engagements.

SERPs will Disappear or Transform

In a bid to adapt to the new way of looking for information on the internet, SERPs will dramatically fade as search engines such as Google adapt to this advanced and interactive online experience, or reconfigure. This is based on the fact that users will no longer need to visit websites to get the information that they need. For instance, when looking for information about a particular product, you can use digital assistants to get accurate information about the features.

Optimizing Websites for Google Won’t be the Main Focus

Up until now, businesses have been working hard and smart to optimize their websites for Google since it is the most dominant search engine at the moment. That will soon change, as Google will not be the only technology to worry about during the web development process. Users will use IOT to find information about your products and services. Hence, you will need to focus on both Google and IOT.

Internet of Things will surely have an impact on online marketing and how Singapore marketing service providers optimize their websites and sales funnels. It is of paramount importance to start preparing for this technology to stay ahead of the competition.