Moms in the United States now spend more time each day on the Internet than listening to the radio or watching television, according to a recent report from Edison Research and Triton Digital.

The report was based on data from a survey of 284 women in the United States with at least one child age 18 or younger living in their household.

Moms self-report spending 3 hours and 31 minutes, on average, each day using the Internet, compared with 2 hours and 18 minutes watching television and 1 hour and 44 minutes listening to radio.

Most moms (55%) say they primarily use a smartphone to access the Internet; 36% use a desktop or laptop computer, and 9% use a tablet.

Some 93% of moms say they use social media and 62% say they access social networks multiple times a day.

Facebook is the most popular social network with moms (78% have accessed it in the previous week); Instagram is second (30%), followed by Pinterest (29%), Snapchat (23%), WhatsApp (15%), Twitter (13%), and LinkedIn (10%).

Some 38% of moms say their household subscribes to Amazon Prime.